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On December 23, Daniel Smith, CEO of Singapore Done Fund Management Institution and CEO of CTC, reached a strategic consensus with the heads of the six new side chains after in-depth communication and discussion for many times, and announced that the six side chains of CTC Global Cultural Travel Chain (VEA, LMA, HVA, MCO, WAS and VNC) were officially linked up. Due to the impact of the global COVID-19 epidemic, the strategic press conference that was scheduled to be held in Singapore was not held as scheduled. This multi-party strategic cooperation was finally reached in the form of electronic agreement.

Singapore Done the fund management organ CEO, the chief executive of CTC, Daniel Smith, for six side chain fixed anchor (Vienna, Austria, Lima, Peru, Havana, Cuba, Mexico City, Warsaw, Poland, Venice, Italy), the characteristics of human geography environment and beautiful landscape, said after the outbreak must personally go to feel the unique local customs. It is reported that six new side chain operation centers are set up in the business centers of six cities, and reached strategic consensus with the famous local travel companies.

Vienna, on the Danube river in northeastern Austria, is known as the “capital of music” in the world. Stopping on this city street full of musical notes is always a romantic scene, which makes people easily fall in love unawares, just like the nature of romance in Vienna. Most of Vienna’s tourist attractions are open all year round, such as The Schonbrunn Palace, hofburg Palace, Belfort Palace and the Vienna Museum, of which the Schonbrunn Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lima is the capital of Peru and the largest economic and cultural center in the country. It is located on the coastal irrigation oasis. In Lima is always most of the colonial period, South America is the most important political and commercial centers of power, therefore retained a large number of colonial buildings, such as large monasteries catacombs Francis, the central plaza, SAN street plaza and the buildings also earned Lima, scientific and cultural organization UNESCO awarded the “world cultural heritage” of reputation.

Located on the northwest coast of The Island of Cuba, Havana is the capital of the Republic of Cuba. It is located in the tropics, with a mild climate and pleasant seasons. It is known as the “Pearl of the Caribbean”, with many ancient churches, castles, squares, museums, monuments, parks, libraries and so on. The port city of distinctive and lasting appeal, classical and modern, the new world and old world, white and black, high culture and the lowbrow, all elements full of collision, there are telltale signs here, all seemingly independent individuals, together in the sunshine and the vibrant tropical port harmonious unify.

Mexico City is not only the capital of Mexico, but also the largest city in Mexico. Architectural buildings, historical sites, museums, palaces, monuments, shopping malls, government buildings, everything in Mexico City. The water garden on the Hochmirco Canal is the city’s largest tourist attraction, as well as landmark buildings such as the El Angel Daily Independent newspaper and the Angel of Independence Victory Column. Mexico City is the headquarters of many large media companies and Spanish newspapers. About 20% of the Mexican population lives in Mexico City, so this city is also known as the city that never sleeps.

Warsaw is the capital of the Republic of Poland, and the famous Warsaw Convention was signed here. Today, Warsaw still maintains the layout of the old and new cities. Various historical monuments and places of interest are mostly concentrated in the old city, attracting a large number of tourists from abroad every year. The Old Town is located on the west bank of the Vistula River. It is a cluster of majestic and majestic red spire buildings in the Middle Ages. The famous ancient buildings include the former Royal Palace known as the “Polish National Cultural Monument” and the most beautiful and magnificent Baroque building in Warsaw. Base Palace, Lazienki Palace, an outstanding representative of Polish classical architecture, etc.

Venice is the capital of the Veneto region in northern Italy, a world-famous historical and cultural city, and the birthplace of the Venetian school of painting. Its architecture, paintings, sculptures, operas, etc. have an extremely important position and influence in the world. The water city of Venice is the essence of the Renaissance, and it is also the only city in the world without cars. God shed tears here, but made it more crystal clear and tender, just like a romantic dream floating on the blue waves, enjoying “because of water There is the reputation of life, beautiful because of water, and prosperity because of water, and the reputation of “water city”.

In the context of the global epidemic situation is not optimistic and the economy is complex and changeable, the tourism industry is still an industry with stable market demand and a good development momentum in recent years. It has exceeded the global economic average growth rate for 7 consecutive years and has become the fastest growing industry one. With the integration of the global tourism industry and digitalization, the future will gradually achieve leapfrog development, bringing new horizons to the holiday economy and new development opportunities for the digital cultural tourism industry.

The so-called hero sees the same. The heads of CTC and the six new side chains agreed that the future development trend of the cultural and tourism industry will be to integrate blockchain technology into it, which is the need for the in-depth development of the integration of culture and tourism in the new economic environment. By building a new industrial ecological application system through blockchain technology, the cultural tourism industry will accelerate the circulation of assets, empower the growth of the digital economy, and promote the sustainable development of the cultural tourism industry’s digitization, capitalization, and ecologicalization.

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