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On December 10, the chief executive of the CEO、CTC of Singapore’s Dorn Fund Management Daniel Smith and and five new side chain leaders after many in-depth communication and discussion, finally reached a strategic consensus, and announced that the LBA、PGE、RBT、BAS、PAN five side chains of the global travel chain were officially linked. Affected by the global COVID-19 epidemic, the strategic conference scheduled for Singapore was not held as scheduled, and the multi-party strategic cooperation was finally reached in the form of electronic contract.

The chief executive of the CEO、CTC of the Dorn fund management agency in singapore Daniel Smith praised the unique human geography and beautiful scenery of the five side chain anchoring sites (lisbon, portugal, bragg, morocco, abate, buenos aires, panama city), saying that after the outbreak, you must go to the local area to feel these unique customs. It is reported that the five new side chain operation centers are set up in five city business centers and reached a strategic consensus with local famous travel companies.

Lisbon, the capital of the Portuguese Republic, Mainland westernmost city of Europe, one of the famous cities in southern Europe. It is said that people who have not seen Lisbon have not seen the beauty. The best street in this beautiful city is located at the mouth of Taiga River (Tihe River), the Taiga River flows to the Atlantic Ocean and forms an inland sea called the “haggard Sea “. It is one of the most magnificent natural ports in the world. As the sun set on the hill on the north shore, Lisbon proudly showed the world palaces, churches and old streets across seven hills.

Prague, the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, is located in the center of the European Mainland, has always played an important role in transportation and has close ties with neighboring countries. For thousands of years, Prague’s Voltava section is a commercial route between North and South Europe. Prague is a famous tourist city, the city has a large number of historical periods, various styles of architecture, covering from Roman, Gothic architecture, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neo-classicism, neo-art movement style to cubism and ultra-modernism and so on. Prague architecture as a whole gives the feeling that the top of the building is particularly rich in changes, and the color is extremely brilliant ( red tile yellow wall ), so it has “thousand tower city “, ” golden city”  and other laudatory names, known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Rabat, the capital of Morocco, is a city on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Bragg River in northwest Morocco. Rabat consists of two closely connected sister cities, the new city of Rabat and the old city of Sal. The new town is a western-style building and a delicate Arab-style house with trees on both sides of the street. The royal palace, government agencies and the national institutions of higher learning are located in the new city. Many ancient Arab buildings and mosques in the old city, residents’ life and production methods still retain a strong medieval style. The city has many monuments, and the Hassan Mosque, built in the 12th century, was the largest mosque in North Africa. In 2012, according to the criteria for the selection of cultural heritage, the modern city and historic city of Rabat was approved by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee for inclusion in the World Heritage List as a cultural heritage.

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s capital, political center and economic, technological, cultural and transportation center. Buenos Aires beautiful scenery, fresh air, pleasant climate, known as “South America Paris” reputation. Buenos Aires is a beautiful, clean and modern city with wide and tidy streets covered with green shade. The ancient buildings that have so far been well preserved have a strong color of European classical architectural art, both Gothic churches, Roman theatres and Spanish courtyards. People have to admire the cultural diversity of the city. Buenos Aires is a well-known tourist city with many tourist attractions, such as Buenos Aires obelisk ,79th Avenue, Columbus Theatre, May Square, Argentine Presidential Palace, Women’s Bridge, Raboka and so on.

Panama City, the capital of Latin American countries Panama, is a coastal, picturesque Seaside port city. To Panama, be sure to visit the Panama Canal. It is a “water bridge” between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, like a flowing blue ribbon, connecting North America to South America. Located in Panama in Central America, the Panama Canal, which crosses the isthmus of Panama and connects the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, is an important shipping route, known as “one of the seven wonders of the world’s engineering” and “the bridge of the world “.

With the complex and changeable global economy and the continuous downward economic pressure, tourism is still the strongest industry, which has exceeded the global economic growth rate for seven consecutive years and become the fastest growing industry economy. With the integration of tourism industry and digitization, tourism industry has realized leapfrog development, brought a new vision for holiday economy and new development opportunities for the industry.

Both the CTC and the five side chain leaders said that the development trend of the cultural tourism industry will be the integration of block chain technology into the cultural tourism industry, which is the need for the integration of culture and tourism in the new period. The cultural tourism industry constructs a new industrial ecological application system through block chain technology, accelerates the circulation of cultural tourism industry assets, enables economic development, and promotes the sustainable development of digital, asset and ecological industries.

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