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Attack and defense conversion between danger and opportunity constitutes the theme of the third-party payment industry this year.

The stable acceptance environment becomes fragmented, the payment transaction flow is interrupted, and the paying agency service deployment undergoes the most difficult winter throughout history when just easing from the strict management window period due to the epidemic. After the restoration for more than half a year, the hidden opportunities in the crisis are also becoming clearer in the payment market, and the digital transformation of industry triggers the second-line growth curve of the payment industry to rise.

The rise of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the rapid development of Blockchain technology stimulate the application innovation in various industries, too. Due to the enormous advantage in terms of data storage and information transmission, it is likely for the Blockchain to fundamentally change the operation mode of the existing e-payment field and even give rise to a new payment technology innovation and industrial transformation in the world.

From the perspective of PayYoda (as payment industry pioneer), the epidemic accelerates the digital transformation of entity merchants, and brings a new inflection point for third-party payment to break through the stock bottleneck. Nowadays, the payment market remains fully competitive, and the rate tends to stabilize under the dual control of regulation and market. In the post-epidemic era, the demand for digital transformation of business activities of merchants become the most urgent need now.

With commercial use of such technologies as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the technology permeating into the payment service is being accelerated. Driven by the digital technology and supported by the Blockchain technology, PayYoda creates a secure, transparent and professional decentralized payment application ecosystem, and breaks the information isolated island on the payment chain. Supported by the Blockchain technology, PayYoda will greatly lower the payment cost, reduce intermediate links and improve the circulation efficiency based on the technical advantages of Blockchain (such as distributed storage, publicity, justice, transparency, traceability and immutability).

Firstly, as for the payment security problem, PayYoda will construct the credit-driven ecosphere via credit scoring system. The PayYoda team has been rooted in the payment field for many years and found a variety of payment security accidents occurring to the online payment and offline payment (including merchant fraud, malicious user attack, phishing site and privacy disclosure). The PayYoda team deems how to create a safe payment environment is the high-priority task of all the payment networks.

The PayYoda ecosphere is credit-driven. To achieve the goal, related measures (including credit-driven ecology, merchant caution money, safety fund, privacy protection, credit score, and decentralized risk control anti-fraud) shall be taken.

Secondly, PayYoda achieves the low-cost and efficient operation by the decentralized operation support system. Operating a payment network involves a lot of operational work, including such links as merchant accessing to the network, merchant access support, merchant requirement customization, treatment of disputes, account checking/clearing/settlement, risk control anti-fraud and customer service. In case of failure in low-cost and efficient operation, the network cannot grow organically at scale. PayYoda fully unearths the power of Blockchain smart contract, promotes the decentralized and intelligent construction of the operation system with smart contract as the core, and encourages the ecosphere partners to participate in the operation support of PayYoda payment network by the economic interest based on the decentralized operation support system to finally achieve the goal of low-cost and efficient operation.

On the other hand, the PayYoda secure trading protection system designed based on concept of artificial intelligence integrates ten layers of fine filtering function based on data header and data content (including DOS defense, user authentication, application control, intrusion prevention, site classification and filtering, virus filtration, web application defense and data leak prevention), forms the integrated security defense system from the network layer to the application layer, and realizes the clean flow delivery on the basis of multi-core concurrent technology, integrated safety engine technology, zero-copy technique and other high performance architectures.On the basis of artificial intelligence, PayYoda provides such abilities as data analysis, knowledge extraction, independent study, intelligent decision and automatic control and can create the innovative applications in the fields of network information security (such as network protection, data management, message audit, intelligent security and financial risk control).

The PayYoda team believes that with the epidemic fades away, the transition, inflection point and opportunity relating to the industry development will also come into view accordingly. As for the payment industry, more and more industries and enterprises will accelerate and deepen the digitization process, bringing about great efficiency improvement and more market opportunities after the epidemic is over.

Of course, the opportunities always coexist with challenges. How to seize the opportunity and cultivate the core competitiveness is a challenge that every participant has to face. The PayYoda founder stressed “the digital transformation service market of enterprises is very large, and what shall be done firstly by the payment institutions is to continuously strengthen their ability to provide better industry solutions and service experiences other than beating the competitors.”

Wait and see what will happen in the future. Maybe more surprises are on the way.

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