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Since the beginning of this year, we often hear a new concept term – Metaverse. It is not difficult for people who constantly focused on  the field of science and technology to find that the eruption of Metaverse has undoubtedly made many large game companies smelled new market opportunities, and even some well-known game manufacturers have started innovative research and development on Metaverse games.

As a hot concept recently ,the eruption of Metaverse is not only in the traditional game market, but also in the encryption world. According to some data, as of July 2021, the monthly transaction volume of Metaverse market has reached US $8.88 million, an increase of 729% compared with the average transaction volume of US $1.07 million from 2018 to 2020.

So what is the Metaverse and why does it attract so much attention?蓝白色艺术照片个人分享中文拼图

The future world of beyond the reality.

The concept of Metaverse originated from the science fiction “snow crash “ published by Neal Stephenson in 1992. “meta” means “transcendence”, and “meta” is combined with “universe”, namely “Metaverse”.


When you searching “Metaverse” in Wikipedia, you will find its definition is:

“The Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space,[1] including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the Internet. The word “metaverse” is made up of the prefix “meta” (meaning beyond) and the stem “verse” (a backformation from “universe”); the term is typically used to describe the concept of a future iteration of the internet, made up of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces linked into a perceived virtual universe.”

In order to help you understand it more vividly, we should mention a future science fiction movie “Ready Player  One”, which tells a story that takes place in the future digital virtual world. When the players wear VR glasses, they switch from reality to the virtual digital world.

Now it’s the age of innovation, the birth of any new technology has the energy to change the development track of human history. Metaverse is just like this. It not only brings new experience, but also opens a new way of social civilization life.

NFT technology igniting the Metaverse  Market

We’re all talking about the Metaverse, but everyone’s understanding is different. At present, the concept put forward by Stephenson in 1992 and the eight elements derived from it are widely used. These overviews are not easy to understand, but they clearly illustrate several core elements: virtual enhancement, physical persistence, link awareness, and shared features.  From the word frequency statistics alone, we can see that social, online, interactive, virtual and open  appear very frequently, and these characteristics are naturally coupled with the  blockchain technology that we knew.

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As we mentioned previously the Metaverse is not a distant concept, the  changes are sprouting quietly. Building a Metaverse requires four technical supports (blockchain, games, network computing power and VR). As one of the indispensable technologies to realize the Metaverse, the significance of blockchain in the Metaverse is to ensure the security of users’ virtual assets and virtual identities, realize the value exchange in the Metaverse, and ensure the transparent implementation of system rules, Players will not become puppets in the hands of the game’s master like traditional games. They will really upgrade game to experience.

The arrival of Metaverse has accelerated the speed of human society’s migration from the real world to the digital world, and the current upsurge of NFT will open up a new style of human civilization, because the material basis, symbolic basis and cultural foundation of human communication are undergoing a major transformation.

Through the appearance of Metaverse, we find that its core lies in the trusted bearer’s asset rights and social identity. This kind of reproduction of the underlying logic of the real world makes the Metaverse becomes a platform that allows any user to participate in the creation, and the results of labor are guaranteed. In the blockchain world, non homogenous token NFT is also solving this problem.

First, NFTs can realize the capitalization of virtual goods. NFTs can map virtual goods, map arbitrary data content on the chain through links, and make NFT become the asset “entity” of data content, so as to realize the value flow of data content.

Secondly, NFTs can be the materialization of Metaverse rights, just like the entity key. The program can confirm the user’s rights by identifying NFT, and NFTs has become the token of the Metaverse.

Facing such a huge of Metaverse  market, all kinds of public chain ecological communities have responded positively. Blin Metaverse, which is built on BSC, is the founder of decentralized and comprehensive NFT infrastructure to meet the combination of NFT and Metaverse. Just like all kinds of defi ecology cannot do without the strong public chain support, the establishment of the future Metaverse cannot do without the support and distributed cooperation of all walks of life. Blin is committed to building a perfect Metaverse infrastructure, and integrates into all walks of life through the inherent collection attribute, rights attribute and use attribute of NFTs, The omni-directional three-dimensional operation helps the Metaverse to complete the ultimate social form.


Blin Metaverse, the explorer of  Metaverse, Let’s go !

Established in New South Wales, Australia, Game Continuous Pty Ltd. is a leading game company in the world. Its vision is to correct the abnormal development of the game industry and build a more healthy and reasonable industry ecology. It has creatively built a chain game equipment trading platform long ago to realize the right confirmation and chain trading of game assets and let the value really return to the value creator. This time, they turned their strategic vision to Metaverse. As a result, the traditional game magnate GAME CONTINENT and the blockchain technology team from Silicon Valley joined together:Blin Metaverse had emerged at this historic moment!

(Game equipment trading platform developed by GAME CONTINENT)

If we define the internet as the infrastructure in the era of information civilization, the Metaverse with a strong sense of future will be the most real “digital” society after social development, a new hot spot in the global capital market, and the direction that the current advanced form of Internet Web3.0 will eventually reach.

In a nutshell,NFT technology can provide the most core value transfer solution for Web3.0 including the Metaverse. In this course Blin Metaverse, as an infrastructure provider in the field of NFT, takes advanced blockchain technology and mature consensus algorithm as the bottom layer to support multi chain operation and cross chain integration, break the dilemma of similarity ,fragmentation and isolation of existing NFT applications, it is becoming  a full scene application ecological platform , it will covering encrypted games, digital art works, collections, virtual world, sports competition, physical assets digitization, etc,and leading the public to explore the spirit of NFTs Metaverse world.

Blin team’s reverie about the future of Metaverse is condensed into a perfect formula, that is, Metaverse = Create  + Play + Display + Social + Trade.

Don’t  you feel familiar and strange? If you have experienced virtual reality simulation games such as “SILMS”, you will find that they basically conform to the formula of the Metaverse, but they are essentially belong to the Metaverse in the era of Web2.0, because they are completely separated from each other and have no connection.

This is very different from the “parallel world” we imagine and the Metaverse we want.

Don’t disappointed,with the rapid development of  blockchain technology, the R &D of various AR / VR, wearable devices, 5G and AI technologies, and the combination with NFT concept, Blin can create a Metaverse that is closer to what we define and want. This is the Metaverse that Blin is actively exploring in the Web3.0 era.

The highlights of Blin Metaverse technology:

  • Social applications that match virtual social relationships. With NFT as the entry point, build native NFT social application based on Web3.0. It enables NFTs creators to create new behavior patterns and new economic patterns through products and social interaction.
  • Activity organization tools in the Metaverse. By subdividing products, various IP groups can organize activities efficiently and generate value. Realize the whole process of organization, payment, statistical ranking and live broadcast.
  • The Protocols that help creators interact with the communities.
  • The protocol of achievements. Give more reasonable value to the behavior on the chain. Providers can get more rights through on chain contribution.
  • Interactive and Immersive experience. The interaction of the virtual world is particularly important in the Metaverse, which will directly affect the user’s immersion experience. Only when the spiritual world is completely immersed and our brain have a sense of reality, which is more suitable for the Metaverse that Blin wants.

Blin Metaverse is a leading developer in the field of combination of NFT and Metaverse, which creates a powerful development platform for application scenarios under various multiuniverse elements. Although there are few real Metaverse projects in the current market, it does not affect Blin’s efforts in the unknown journey. What’s more, Blin has planned the future blueprint of Metaverse.

Blin Metaverse is committed to creating a broader Metaverse platform driven by a perfect NFT infrastructure. It is reported that up to now, Blin’s territory has been expanding under the leadership of Australia’s top game company GAME CONTINENT and has reached in-depth strategic cooperation with many industry giants including  films and televisions in Hollywood,authoritative brands in the jewelry industry, and well-known IP collectors. We look forward to Blin Metaverse’ all-embracing concept, which can create real value in the Web3.0 era and build a brilliant universe.


Blin Metaverse is a decentralized NFT infrastructure deployed on Binance Smart Chain..It aims to achieve diversified virtual reality innovative interaction through IP remodeling, virtual social networking, NFT asset casting on the chain,  confirmation of rights and value circulation.

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions, and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Times World USA journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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