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CoinBene has been operating smoothly for nearly 4 years since its establishment in August 2017. Since the currency circle is updated quickly, CoinBene’s ability to run for three years is a proof of its strength.

CoinBene has obtained MSB financial license in the United States and MAS financial license in Singapore, with more than 100,000 daily users and daily transaction volume reaching USD 3 billion. In terms of ranking, CoinBene has become one of the first-tier exchanges.

According to relevant data, there are over 5 million registered users on CoinBene platform at present. The number of daily active users exceeds 100,000; The peak daily activity of the contract exceeds 15,000.  The daily transaction volume exceeds 3 billion USDT.  The peak value of contract transactions exceeded USDT 2 billion.

For the exchange, the larger the number of users, the more likely it is to have security problems. Under the background of frequent crash down and hacking in major exchanges, CoinBene has been running smoothly, and there has never been a safety accident.

Moreover, in order to better protect users’ assets, CoinBene has successively introduced payment mechanism and contract insurance. There is any platform safety accident, crash down, etc. on CoinBene platform. The platform will compensate in full. After users purchase contract insurance, liquidation can get claims.

CoinBene with double insurance mechanism is very reliable for users, especially inexperienced users.

CoinBene contract trading is growing rapidly after being launched. The number of daily active users of the contract has increased 202% year-on-year, and nearly 13,000 new users were registered in November. To address the security issues of the contract, CoinBene recently launched a number of measures, firstly, it launched the “guarantee to pay compensations” mechanism, and then on August 10, CoinBene launched the “contract insurance” function. The successive security initiatives are intended to give users multiple layers of protection for their positions, allowing all users to trade with peace of mind at CoinBene, regardless of the market’s ups and downs.

Double compensations, no fear of fluctuations

The contract market fluctuates frequently. On March 12, BTC plummeted from $7,000 to $3,800, and that night, long position liquidation was more than $5 billion. According to the data, on March 16, the contract market liquidation totaled $480 million, long position liquidation $303 million, short position liquidation $177 million.

CoinBene has been focusing on product security research and development since 2017, with 5 stars in Anchain and Bitforest professional penetration test reports. In the “March 12” incident, CoinBene did not crash down at all, avoiding unnecessary losses for users.

Based on the confidence in its own technology and responsibility to users, CoinBene has launched guarantee to pay compensations for all platform incidents during the trading process.

In addition to protecting users’ assets from the technical perspective of the platform, CoinBene has launched the “contract insurance” function in order to reduce the losses caused by users’ liquidation.

CoinBene’s contract insurance adopts the “double compensation” mechanism, and once liquidation occurs, it will be reviewed within 24 hours. After passing the review, the compensation will be paid on the next day.

The k line is unpredictable, no matter if people are masters or novices, there are always times when they can’t see the market or judge the trend, after purchasing the contract insurance, no matter how unpredictable the market is, it can protect positions from losses.

CoinBene intends to enhance the security of contracts through “guarantee to pay compensations” and “contract insurance”. No matter how the market fluctuates, users can open positions at any time in CoinBene without fear of fluctuations, security is guaranteed and liquidation is paid. 

Easy to operate, stable profit

CoinBene’s contract insurance uses the “double compensation” mechanism, users only need to open a position at the same time to buy insurance, in case of market fluctuation liquidation, the platform will double the compensation. Users can get both the principal and the money purchased insurance, equivalent to capital preservation, to ensure that the steady income is not lost.

That is, if the insurance ratio purchased 100%, after the liquidation, a loss of $10. Then the user can get a $20 compensation, minus the $10 for buying insurance, the user gets back exactly $10 as principal.

CoinBene, established in 2017, has accumulated strong strength through three years of operation, and has set up a “10 million insurance fund” to ensure that all compensations are completed on time. The insurance fund exists independently of CoinBene and operates under the same logic as the traditional insurance industry, with the fund only used to pay out platform claims.

CoinBene has obtained MAS financial payment license in Singapore and MSB financial license in the U.S. Based on the global ecological layout, it has set up sub-stations in 9 countries around the world.

After CoinBene launched the contract, the data continued to grow – the average daily active trading users of the contract grew 200%, and the trading volume grew 47%. nearly 13,000 new registered users were added in November, and the contract trading volume exceeded 257.1 billion.

With the growth of users, user demand is gradually increasing. CoinBene has launched a number of contract support functions: a simple version of the contract for novice users, a one-click order follow-up for contract newcomers to increase their profits, and the recent security mechanism – guarantee to pay compensations mechanism and contract insurance ……

All features, mechanisms, are designed to enhance the user’s trading experience, regardless of the ups and downs of the market, so that all users can trade with peace of mind in CoinBene, which is the original aspiration of CoinBene, which has been available for three years.

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions, and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Times World USA journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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