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Nov 11 2020 , the world’s first application of ecological chain block for the field of education, “Education Block Chaining ( EBC )” formally launched, the number of international financial organizations, educational institutions, and a high-end R & D team, Join hands to create a new chapter in the development of education.

EBC brings together the world’s 68 people ‘s top experts in computer technology and education development and research team, which lasted more than years, to block chain for safe storage, second speed of settlement, verification and other security issues were effectively addressed. And put forward innovative industry-leading multi-level algorithm mechanism, solid trust verification, and full dimension settlement technology, the advantages of block chain of efficient and practical application to play , the whole chain of verification and billing rate , than similar systems increase by 30% .

EBC will also be committed to providing a cross-border, cross-platform, and cross-asset decentralized value transfer service network for individuals, educational institutions, economic entities, and financial institutions around the world , combined with the addition of anonymity features and supporting standardized technology output , It aims to create a compliant, efficient, cross-chain interoperable blockchain upgrade solution for global educational institutions , and a development platform that promotes the growth of individuals, enterprises, and regulatory authorities .

Education block chain (EBC), will use the block chain technology, to traditional educational activities bring significant optimization, and teaching management, copyright protection and bring innovative teaching research and other fields. In the next 10 years, Education Block Chaining (EBC) will lead the education sector fusion block chain technology, has become a full field development trend marked the rod, bring change and a breakthrough development for the entire education sector.

In addition to the block chain technology, EBC will combine artificial intelligence, knowledge map, big data talent analysis of new technologies, to the bottom of the entire education were industry energized , remodeling industry framework , the creation of a new global education raw state.

EBC will use big data and artificial intelligence to develop a series of block chain systems and applications, from products, drainage channels, industry upgrade, copyright protection and copyright trading multiple aspects of empowerment and innovation, reshaping education new eco-industries.

In the education product design cycle, the block chain is conducive to the formation of personalized, customized, unique of educational products, breakthrough market competition bottlenecks, achieve rapid development. In educational institutions the sales cycle, application block chain technology can simplify the sales process, saving the cost of sales , and sales behavior of traceability , protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers .

In specific educational practice links, the application of blockchain technology can improve teaching efficiency and enhance teaching experience. In the subsequent part of the curriculum evaluation, the use of block chain of intelligent technology contracts, can simplify the consumer’s evaluation of claims and the submission process, reduce the need for manual review , shortening the processing cycle. At the same time, by historical claims and sources of assets recorded in the books distributed, can more easily identify suspicious behavior, retained only the most real fair evaluation, form a certain credibility, no person shall tamper with the recommendation list . So as to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the entire education industry.

In terms of copyright protection, block chain of distributed storage and time stamp technology, can effectively protect content copyrights, effective traceability of all plagiarism, to ensure the legal rights of copyright holders.

Education block chain will also establish effective copyright trading platform, form a cooperative direct connection between the parties, effectively remove the intermediate links, and accelerate the sharing of data, simplify the cumbersome processes , improve transaction security .

Up to now, many educational institutions around the world have participated in the ecological construction and development of the educational blockchain.

The Education Blockchain (EBC) is bound to empower the entire education industry. The future is here, let us wait and see!

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