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The Solana (SOL) trading volume exceeded $6 billion, and these stats can support an ongoing price rally. Crypto analyst Altcoin Sherpa also predicts that the crypto can experience a massive surge during 2024. Egrag Crypto, another notable analyst, projects that Ripple (XRP) could push toward the $6 to $7 range, assuming that it passes the crucial milestones of $3 and $5.80. Everlodge (ELDG) is also picking up a lot of attention, as it can disrupt the $280 trillion real estate sector. Today, we will jump into each one to see how far they can spike.


  • Solana can reach $104.49 based on Altcoin Sherpa analysis

  • Ripple to surge to $27 in value by 2025

  • Everlodge to see a 35x upswing in value

Solana (SOL) to See an Upswing to Over $100

Solana's (SOL) volume exceeded $6 billion, resulting in an increase in its appeal and usage. Analysts are also giving crypto attention, as crypto analyst Altcoin Sherpa recently noted how he is bullish on the future of Solana.

They expect the cryptocurrency to correct and that a sub-$50 entry is ideal for the crypto. Based on the Solana price prediction by the analyst, it can hit three digits in 2024, and based on on-chart data, this signifies a climb to $104.49.

Ripple (XRP) Projected to Spike 4,500%

Ripple (XRP) also saw an influx in activity. According to a major crypto analyst known as Egrag Crypto, the price can surge as high as $7. The analyst also went further, envisioning how the crypto can explode to $27, based on the previous performance during the bull run of 2017.

The 4,500% price increase can occur somewhere in the middle of 2025, according to the Ripple price prediction made by the analyst. As for 2024, the Ripple crypto can spike as high as $1.30.

Everlodge (ELDG) to Enable Simple Access to the $280T Market

Aside from Solana and Ripple, another crypto that is gaining a lot of attention is Everlodge. This is an upcoming platform that will democratize the $280 trillion real estate industry and will make it accessible to anyone globally.

  • Traditionally, accessing these markets was difficult as properties would cost millions of dollars.

  • But the approach Everlodge takes is unique, where it can essentially mint a $7,000,000 property in the form of an NFT on-chain.

  • Then, it will fractionalize it across 70,000 pieces, all of which can be worth $100 each. Then, anyone can buy a single fraction or multiple fractions in different properties in order to diversify their holdings.

  • As the property appreciates in value, the NFTs will climb in value in parallel to it. If it's a rental property, those holding it can get passive income.

The native ELDG crypto is used for governance but can also be staked for passive income. The platform also features a Rewards Club where anyone can get access to free nightly stays and even re-sell them for additional capital gains.

Now, the project is at stage seven of the presale, trading the token at $0.025. At launch, analysts project a 35x climb in its value.

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