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Pristine Traffic has launched a service that blocks malicious automated bot traffic before it reaches a client’s website. It safeguards client data and assists with the Payment Card Industry Data Security (PCI) compliance by detecting non-human fraud and preventing hostile bots from infiltrating e-commerce sites.

More details can be found at https://www.pristinetraffic.com

Pristine Traffic’s AI engine reads client weblogs and performs multi-factor authentication on each site visitor and bot, comparing them to its database. This technology identifies which bots are visiting the client’s site and categorizes them by the reason for the visit. Almost 50% of visitor traffic is unwanted, including “bad bots.”

Cybercrime has been on the rise for many years but has accelerated during the pandemic. Industries that have been significantly impacted include construction, healthcare, and financial services. The average value of fraudulent purchases has kept pace with the growth in online shipping, increasing by nearly 10% in retail e-commerce stores. For example, cybercriminals are increasingly using credit card skimmers, which steal information from eCommerce platforms like Shopify or ZenCart. Ecommerce platforms that do not support custom JavaScript checkout forms are also vulnerable.

Pristine Traffic allows for the client’s verified access list – its “pristine traffic” – to determine which bots and human traffic sources can visit an online store. By auto-generating blocking rules, bad bots never reach the website. The company’s Machine Learning engine provides clients with the real-time insight they need to optimize their sales pipeline and ensure that the only traffic coming to the site is “pristine traffic.”

The company employs a 4-step process that not only protects the client but also facilitates hassle-free sales. The first step involves the incorporation of weblog data, which provides a streaming feed to the ML engine for analysis. While the ML engine verifies and authenticates traffic, the AI system verifies good and bad visitors.

Real-time intent analytics identifies visitors with a higher propensity to convert (P2C) and by eliminating unwanted traffic, bandwidth is expanded, speeding up the site, a factor that boosts the store’s ranking on Google. Pristine Traffic offers a free 14 day trial to interested parties.

“We enable an added layer of protection so that captcha is no longer necessary,” said a company spokesperson. “Credit card fraud is not an option for attackers who can’t even reach the website.”

More information can be seen at https://www.pristinetraffic.com

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