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Every cup of coffee or tea that we consume can have a great impact on our environment. These hot beverages require filters, pods, sachets, cups and stirrers that are very wasteful as they are thrown away after only one use. It is estimated that 50 billion cups are discarded globally every year. This is equal to a shocking number of 5,000 cups every single minute! These paper cups look innocent, yet in order to make them waterproof and be able to hold beverages, they are lined with polyethylene plastic. Considering only 1% of these cups is recycled, the remaining billions of cups are left in landfill sites for many decades. Also thanks to the increasing popularity single use pod-based coffee brewers both at home and in the office, the pods used also add to the staggering number of waste caused by our love for hot beverages. All these single use products contribute to climate change because they’re made from nonrenewable resources like crude oil and natural gas.

Coffee & Tea to Go Go™ is here to the rescue. It is a perfectly engineered Dual Purpose Filter: an eco-friendly, reusable, sustainable filter that can be used in the home and office, yet also transforms into the lightest and smallest portable coffee & tea micro-brewing product in the world. At less than 7 oz, it’s factually the smallest and lightest Micro-Brewing Kit on the market today. Coffee & Tea to Go Go™ is an innovative brewing kit that is simple and easy to use for great tasting coffee and tea. It is a single product that holds everything you need to brew a delicious cup of coffee or tea. The kit includes a silicone cup, a siphon/pump, spoon and filter brush combo. Coffee & Tea to Go Go™ most certainly will eliminate waste: pods, filters, cups.

Its dual-purpose filter is extremely versatile, as it has 2 tops. The Indoor top for home and office fits all Keurig machines. Then, the Outdoor top is for everywhere else—a hike, camping, the beach, or the office—saving time and money. The collapsible silicone cup doubles as a vehicle for brewing and a carrying case that holds the set. Moreover, the set includes a filter with 2 tops, siphon/pump, brush, and spoon. The Siphon/Pump used with the Outdoor top lets you control the brew strength by pumping 3 to 7 times. And, in less than 30 seconds (some may steep for longer), you’ll have your desired flavor. It’s also an incredibly small and light micro-brewing set to toss in your bag or clip with ease to bring on adventures. It is ideal for travel, on-the-go and outdoor use thanks to its portability and ease of use with no compromise on quality or taste. Another benefit of Coffee & Tea to Go Go™ is that you can also choose to use your own premium coffee and tea, and save money and time.

Coffee & Tea to Go Go™ was created with lots of passion for not only coffee and tea, but also for innovation and the environment. Through their Kickstarter, they are aiming to make Coffee & Tea to Go Go™ a household name and kitchen appliance brand that will become readily available to everyone for a better world. Coffee & Tea to Go Go™ has partnered with several coffee & tea companies to include as Bundled Perks – artisanal and curated coffee & tea subscriptions with over 15 varieties to choose from. To find out about this amazing micro-brewer and subscriptions offered at discounted prices, please check out their campaign page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coffeeandteatogogo/coffee-and-tea-to-go-go

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